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Praise for before truth set me free

“I was up all night reading this book. Remarkably candid and quite insightful, this book had me totally engrossed from the first page—Deadass!! I’m sorry the author learned her worth and value the hard way, but her lessons were not in vain because I now have a different outlook on life and some different choices to make going forward so that I don’t end up in prison, too.”


“This book is awesome!!! This book will help you recognize your own fear-based energy transmuting it into love—the highest frequency in the Universe—before you end up serving time in a maximum-security prison just like the author…oh yeah, I’m still thinking about that big rat, though…OMG!”


“An African American woman navigates the pitfalls of urban poverty, the hip-hop industry, and the criminal justice system in this memoir…An insightful and frank account of a woman’s odyssey from hardship to self-esteem.”

Kirkus Reviews

“This book is very engaging, I found myself reading late into the night, turning the pages in anticipation for what happens next! The writer is very insightful and does not let herself off the hook for the sake of painting a pretty picture. Vanessa tells a story that is heartfelt and transparent, you will find yourself rooting for the Author. A must read, I am so looking forward to the next book!!!”

Altivese Irvin(Amazon Customer)

“OMG!!! This book is awesome, such a great read!!! Now I have to find something else to read that will live up to the standards of this book and that is going to be hard.. Please keep us updated on your next book…;-)”

Sonya Tucker-Evans(Amazon Customer)
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